3 Steps to Having Naturally Beautiful Skin

To have naturally beautiful skin you must follow a natural skin care regime which will require a few changes to your lifestyle and habits. To promote natural beauty you must give your skin constant and consistent care, otherwise you will lose your healthy glow and you may even lose your youthful looks.

Natural skin care means protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Although the sun’s rays will give your skin a beautiful, golden glow in the short term the long term damage these UV rays cause such as accelerating the aging process, premature wrinkles and the risk of developing skin cancer, far outweigh any benefits.

Damage from the sun’s UV rays may not show itself for up to ten years, in those ten years you could cause irreparable harm without even knowing and by the time you do see the damage it may be too late to save your skin.

Vitamins D is important in natural skin care and it also gives you the ‘feel good factor’ but you have to exercise extreme caution. Your body can produce its own Vitamin D but this process is triggered by sunlight, which is one of the reasons why sunbathing makes you feel good.

The first step in natural skin care, therefore, is to reduce your exposure to the sun but it is essential that you spend at least fifteen minutes every day in natural sunlight. This is best done in the evening when the sun’s rays are less harmful.

The second step in natural skin care is to change your eating habits drastically. If you shift to fiber food like fresh vegetables and fruits and wholesome grains, you will be supplied with all the essential vitamins and minerals and this will give you improved health.

Good health is the basis for having healthy and naturally beautiful skin. Fiber food also revitalizes your digestive system and healthy skin demands a good digestive system.

Hydrating your body well by drinking plenty of water provides your skin with enough moisture from the inside. This will prevent your skin from drying up and you will avoid complications related to dry, itchy or flaky skin.

Natural skin care experts suggest that if you exfoliate your skin before your shower, you can improve blood circulation and it will greatly help in removing dead skin cells as well as improving your skin’s glow. Blood circulation can also be improved by doing regular exercises.